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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Storm Chasing DVD is Nearly Complete

Since I have music on here and is unable to mute (to shrink the player), I'll just post the link to the final trailer, which is here. The yelling at the end was after nearly a full year (to the day!) of me seeing a "real" tornado and was left on there in honor of the yahoo chaser. I'm hoping to start burning a lot of these by Sunday and they will be for sale on our newly designed TornadoLive.Com and also TornadoStore.Net

I was driving to school yesterday and there are always homeless people on the ramp where US 169 and I-35 split...on the off ramp. I am always reluctant to take their pictures when they are looking right at me, so I did when I drove by. The autofocus didn't work so well, but I like the way this one turned out. I'm thinking of going downtown again today and snapping some pictures of the poverty that plagues this I have not taken very many pictures in the past few weeks and am lacking any creativity lately.


1 comment:

Lanny said...

Great pic the B/W easy contrast of the homless man. To me it represents how he looks to everybody....we do not see him, or better yet we do not want to see him! Great job!

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