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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Obama in Kansas City

At the absolute last minute on Saturday, (instead of going to Jon Davies party, which I'm sorry I didn't make) I decided to try and snap some pictures of Obama or at least try to when he was speaking to over 75,000 people at Liberty Memorial Park in downtown Kansas City. I showed up around 5:50 when he was due to speak around 6 p.m. I thought I was pulling up to the front, but was on the wrong side and had to walk up an exhausting mountain only to walk another 1/4 mile to the crowd!

Obama in Kansas City

I tried to use my height and body size to push through the crowd, but for the first time ever, I felt claustrophobic...and left shortly after Obama made his way to the podium and spoke.

Here's a view of all of the vehicles on the west side of Liberty Memorial and the beginning of a brilliant, calm sunset.

Obama in Kansas City

Happy Halloween everyone!


I'm running out of time but plan on posting a couple of more pictures from this past Saturday...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love the pumpkin shot. Damn it, now I want to mess with pumpkin shots.

And damn that song rules whatever it is. Just for today, Hybrid?

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