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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Chad Franklin Suzuki - Real Men of Genius

There's a dealership here in the KC metro who you'll see late at night offering 9 dollars down and 200/month. They've been on these commercials for years and are known for their misleading information or the blatant lies and live well from constantly suing people who can not afford a good attorney, are up against a firm who will force some into bankruptcy which financially rapes trusting buyers and will quickly repossess their vehicle back in time to snag another sucker.

Anyways....even the best criminals eventually get caught, time being the only difference among most...and Chad Franklin Suzuki's days of scamming innocent people seems to be nearly over. I stumbled across this headline just a couple of months ago that reads:

Kansas AG Sues Chad Franklin Suzuki
Lawsuit Claims Dealership Violated Consumer Protection Act

POSTED: 3:52 pm CDT August 18, 2008

Not a good thing when the Attorney General is sending you mail!

I'm not kidding, this was the very next google entry...with this headline:

Chad Franklin Suzuki down in flames

This was dated August 26th, 2008...8 days after the Kansas AG sues Chad Franklin Suzuki.

Just before 3:00 a.m. Monday, firefighters were called to Chad Franklin Suzuki at 6801 State Avenue in Kansas City, Kansas.

One week later, just before the busy work week begins....the dealership burns down at 3:00 a.m.

I don't know if they could have made it any more obvious and let everyone know that the accusations were true, but a lot of evidence combusted!

Even if arson charges aren't brought up on him, at least this piece of shit won't be scamming another innocent person out of their hard earned money.

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Lanny said...

Hey dude...finally got some photos up on the blog and on flickr
Check emout if you get a chance.
Hope all is well and I hope your eye is better!

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