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Friday, April 04, 2008

Getting Ready For Spring

Darin and I have been trying to get stuff done before things start getting active...which is real soon. I have a new car (not really new) that I will be driving soon, and we will start drilling into that next weekend. We're also teaming up with a couple of chasers to stream live video on their website...more on that when it gets worked out.

And I think we've worked out a deal with a producer, who's making a documentary on storm chasing, to ride along with us for a good part of this Spring/Summer. I'm sure he'll enjoy our company, we always have a great time! ;-).

The pressure is equipment ready for the chase season...updating our website...weddings...Project Greensburg...I won't be getting much sleep till at least May 12th, when school is out.

Here's a new video of 9/15/06 in South Central Nebraska...close but no cigar, still had great structure and a wall cloud that never could. I'm uploading another one as we speak of May 22nd 2007, Part I and will post it on here when it's done uploading.

PS: If anyone knows why the video is compressing small like that...please let me know, I can't figure out why Pinnacle is doing that on some, and some it's not.


Mike S. said...

Congrats on everything... Hope everything goes well


Dewdrop said...

It's in the coding... drop me an email and I will try to help you out.

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