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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Chasing Today

We should be streaming here on as "Stream 2" later today as well as our website, We've teamed up with Reed, Joel and others to stream video this Spring. Steve Miller TX and Jay McCoy caught a nice hose on their live video feed (which I must have missed by seconds) the other day in Texas. This seems to be the big thing this year. Last year, Darin and I ran a live webcam, not video, and displayed at least 3 tornadoes on there from 3 separate days. I'm digging everyone doing it this year, since I can't chase all the time, it allows myself to follow the action by watching that, and spotternetwork...great stuff.

Jordan, Darin and I should be heading out within the next couple of hours, likely in extreme NE KS, to play the textbook cold-core low. If a dry slot forms, there should be a few tornadoes associated with low-topped supercells near the triple point (or quadruple). This setup is nearly identical to 11/27/05, just placed a little further northeast (warm sector is a little more primed as well). Reed and Joel (who were within 100 yards of a strong tornado yesterday) will be chasing in NE Arkansas and streaming there. I'm not sure where the other guys will be or if they are chasing.

Time to get things ready, and test out everything to see if it works. Good luck to anyone chasing today.


Steve Miller TX said...

The live video streaming is awesome this year. I look forward to seeing ya'lls video on days where I'm stuck working. It is required therapy for SDS. :-) I'm going to bookmark your live page. I'd suggest putting a nice, big link on your blog page here too.

Like you said, with that and SpotterNetwork, it's absolutely the next best thing to being there. I like the idea that the NWS can watch too and aid with the warning decision process.

As far as our hose we caught, it wasn't impressive...just a brief snaky little tube that writhered around for about 10 seconds. I didn't see it myself, but the NWS said they could and I heard from others who said they saw it. Hopefully I'll catch one this year that you don't have to squint and not blink to see. :-)

Best of luck to you guys this season!

mnwxchaser said...

Um, if you guys want me to stream snow I can still do that. Ground is just as white today as it was December 2nd.

Nice shots over on and that "other forum" LOL.

DM said...


It sure does make things interactive and not-so boring. I saw someone post the link on Stormtrack and clicked it and you driving through a town, I think, then it cut out. It's pretty neat to watch rotating wall clouds live while analyzing the "volume" on GR2 analyst. Amazing technology now...


Are you guys fed up with snow yet? LOL. I got your message the other day and didn't have time to call you back.

Yeah, not much to read or post about on Stormtrack any more...

Did you guys see the shit that moron was reporting near us yesterday??!? "Dark clouds" and "Lightening." They had better start requiring some sort of verification before idiots like "ZeroXDivide" start popping up everywhere!

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