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Friday, March 21, 2008

New Video

I have had this one done for awhile, just haven't uploaded it, because youtube takes forever. It's a brief timelapse of the Beatrice, Nebraska supercell on April 15, 2006. A day I'd like to do over! The one time we got to use wxworx, it fails to show warnings. We trailed it very early in it's life, near Marysville, KS and thought letting it evolve more would keep us from getting cored or falling beind(it was high-based at the time) We thought we could set up a few miles ahead of it and "wait" for it to produce, or develop more. We ended up seeing the dusty tornado from about 10-15 miles away, approximately 7 miles north of Beatrice (Luckily Scott Kampas informed us or we might not have known! and who we were going to meet up with, but missed our turn). We then repositioned east to Sterling.......

Thanks to the band (who just called it quits),Modern Girlfriends and especially River Jones and his music label (which is based out of Phoenix, Arizona )for letting me use the song. He has been so kind as to allow us to use any song on his label in the future!

For you chasers in Oklahoma, a young high school girl who lives in Edmond has talent that any girl her age would envy...her band is called VideoPhonic and honestly, she has one of the best voices I've ever heard. Her music is very dark and catchy, hence the "Dark pop" genre she claims. Check out her myspace profile and listen to "Over" or "Teach me." I'm not kidding, the band is beyond gifted...I give her 3 years before she reaches the top!!!

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