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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Must Be National "Copyright Infringement Day"

Mike just emailed me this.

Edit: Looks like Mike did license it, but was unaware of what it was for.

First the Hurricane Katrina pics, then the books, the Chevrolet billboards AND commercials, and, a MAJOR network with his photos as a background! Oh....whoops forgot about that retarded CBS home movie deal a couple of years back! Thanks to these copyright lawyers taking a larger-than-normal cut for something that is virtually effortless, maybe requires a little reading on some new statutes or perhaps some typing to be done by their secretaries (usually already mostly done on a nice fill-in-the-blank template), Mike never sees a dime.

So he's basically employing these over-priced lawyers, who make it seem like they are preparing for a 2 week murder trial lol! If you're a lawyer and reading this, you can't bullshit me, I've grown up with one :). I've seen and heard what other lawyers do or have done. My father, however, was not like this, in fact I remember him leaving a "firm" a long time ago, because of his morals and the honest person he really is. I don't know who is more by-the-book, my father...or my mother! Anyways, while Mike's scraping for rent, those lawyers probably didn't even have to do that much work...just made a call to the judge and offer him lunch next time he/she is in town and to ask how his grandchildren are doing at the prep school. That's really how it works...just in case you didn't already know ;).

If I were Mike, I'd go broke just to have a chance to take a chunk out of their capital, but he somehow can deal with it. Stock footage and photos are at an all time low, the market is over-saturated or crowded with shit and the good shit is overlooked or never seen thanks to this. It's a good thing I enjoy shooting photography and occasionally video...if I were in the field, I'd be making plans for a career change. Mike will go broke before he gives up chasing or his photography, however, he's one of the talented few who stand out among the rest (and the over-rated!) and can make enough to live on doing so.

So go buy his book which I'm sure he doesn't make much off of anyways. He worked on it with the late Eric Nguyen, another legendary name in storm chasing. Every photo I snap from here on out, is all thanks to he and Mike.. to Eric's work and his unselfishness... the time he took to explain basic stuff to me...stuff that I now know is annoying to get asked 100 times!

When I can get a little extra cash, I'm gonna pick it up. Amos Magliocco has written a review on it here.

The photo above is of a high-based, non-severe, shelf cloud on 9-13-05, I believe, near K-7 and 119th Street in Olathe, just a few miles from home. It was on my old laptop's hard drive, which I assumed was damaged, but wasn't. I recovered my only still photos of tornadoes! I found tons of photos I hadn't processed, so I'll be doing that and adding them here soon. to go steal some copyrighted video on youtube from unsuspecting videographers...I'll just add a trendy-pop song to it (copyrighted of course!), spam websites about it, which in turn, will hopefully yield me more subscribers or most-viewed video in a category!

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