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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sigma 10-20 EX f4-f5.6

I really, really, really like this lens and recommend it to everyone with a digital crop 1.6x sensor. It can be had on BH for 459 using the PSNOV code, or u can try and wing a deal on ebay for cheaper. It also comes with a 5 year warranty. If you get one, test a few shots and make sure the right side isn't blurry (mine isn't), but it's a problem with a SMALL fraction of others. I'm done buying lenses; I am going into the hole since getting hit with the "bug." I now own, the Canon 50 mm 1.8, and Sigma's 10-20, 17-70, and 70-300 Non APO. I should sell the 50, because i'll probably never use it again, except for maybe taking pics of my niece, when she comes back to town.

First full week of school is in, and I dig my all of my classes so far. Work and School 12-13 hours a day is real fun, but I'm pushing myself more than I ever have. It'll pay off someday.

I tested these shots the day after I got it, and no I don't own this house ;).

I can't recall the settings I used on the house/street photos. But I THINK I had the "statue" one on 5.6 at with a 30 second exposure and 100 ISO. There is some distortion on the edges, which can be corrected in seconds using Photoshop. I also used the "Tungsten" effect on the White balance (in RAW conversion), it brings a unique and more colorful way of bringing out the colors in night photos. (As I have learned on watching night photography videos).

I'm digging this photography thing, but still haven't a clue about all of it yet. My next project is going to be bracketing and HDR photos, hopefully of the KC skyscrapers or the Plaza or something, probably at night.

This is a 100 percent crop of the house photo......pretty sharp.


Jayson P said...

Come on now Dick, you know I've been waiting for some images of the 17-70! So what do you do, test out the 10-20!! Looks like a nice lens indeed, I'm receiving my 70-300 APO tomorrow and I'll test that thing out this weekend.

David Naylor said...

Interesting set of lenses you've got there.

I've got the 17-70, Canon 70-300 IS, 50 f/1.4 and am thinking of getting the 10-20mm Sigma. It seems like loads of fun having such an extreme wide angle zoom!

I'm just hoping I won't have to muck around sending lenses back and forth.

But before I get it I need to save up for it... :)

I'm intrigued by you saying you won't use the 50 1.8. I find my 50 1.4 is a wonderful lens and I often bring it out when the light gets low...

David Naylor said...

PS. you were right about the settings :)

If you use Firefox you might find this extension interesting:

It lets you view Exif info in the image properties, directly in Firefox.

DM said...

Hey David,

Which version of the IS for the 70-300 do you have, and how do u like it?

Yeah, being a stormchaser, I need the Super Wide, and the Ultra wide ;)

I like the 10-20 a lot, the images are very sharp. I'm not a big fan on primes, and I guess the 50 is good for the money, but it serves no use in stormchasing. I really don't like the Sigma 70-300 that much, and wish I had about 100 more mm, but it was cheap.

Yah, I know about Firefox and the EXIF, but from what I hear it's a memory hog, and I already run CS2, some RAW image processors, and Pinnacle studio Video editing software, so I haven't downloaded it yet.

David Naylor said...

Well, memory-wise Firefox has improved loads for version 2.

If you're interested I've got more photos here:

David Naylor said...

Sorry, I missed your first question there...

I have the EF 70-300 IS (I believe there is no other version - they are 75-300.)

I like it lots. It's nice and sharp all the way through the range, and has only very slight CAs.

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