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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Decided against chasing today

Shit for shear, questionable dewpoints, and a "surface trough" way the hell out in my old stomping grounds.(Which Neal Rasmussen corrected me) It's not a dryline.

SPC just downgraded to 2 percent, but that's not stopping Shane Adams from chasing. Shane pulled a marathon chase the other day, that was pretty hardcore!

Plus, your "weekend warriors" from TX, OK, CO , will be all painted up with warpaint, craving maybe their first tornadic storm of the year (and lack of in the state of). I've been lucky, it's been all relatively close for me. KC is such a good location.

Looking at tomorrow for a possible chase. You've just gotta go for these SE KS chases, (last I looked) it's a magnet. Good luck to everyone, it's almost freaking May.

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