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Thursday, June 18, 2009

June 15th and June 17th Tornadoes

I have little time to write as I'm getting ready to head to Iowa to see if we can't make it 3 chases in a row with tornadoes...I'll let the video and pictures speak for themselves.

June 15th, 2009 Edwards County, KS - From Kinsley to Macksville, Kansas.

June 17th, 2009 Between Grand Island and Aurora Nebraska. (Darin shot this)

I was actually supposed to chase with Reed Timmer today to get some shots of him in action, but as our 2009 luck would have it, the opportunity presented itself last night. I have so many photos to process in the coming weeks, it isn't funny...insane structure and photos of TVN's SRV getting hit by the tornado (along with video). I don't usually get this excited, but last night was one to remember forever.


Anonymous said...
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Emma and Mommy said...

Great shots Dick! The one Darin took is amazing. That storm was so beautiful.

Justin Teague said...

Darin's photo is awesome! Looking forward to seeing more. Wish I could have been there... (darn job)

Chris said...

Good shots! I'm jealous of your visibilities out there...much better than back here in Virginia!

Tyler said...

Great work, I'm excited to see the images of the SRV getting hit. Really cool to see a different perspective on the tornado, as I was 7 miles east of it.

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