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Thursday, November 06, 2008

HP Supercell Stormchase in November

The only cool part of the day (after leaving this storm temporarily) was punching back through the core....where we met the rotation and strong inflow, and a sudden wind-shift from the north after...forcing me to slam on our brakes after a small spinup no more than 10 yards wide spun up just 20 yards in front of us. It scared the crap out of me/us. Darin then told me to floor it after the wind-shifted back to the east as the rain bands slowly rotating around us (I watch the road not sky and focus on driving in tense situations such as this). That was about as cool as it got.

We had problems streaming on TornadoVideos.Net yesterday...not for actually streaming, but my computer locking up after about 3-5 minutes of doing so. We currently use AdobeFlash Encoder 2.5 and I think we might have figured the problem out afterwards...definitely need to tune things up better before 2009.

Here are some pictures shortly after that:

HP Supercell

HP Supercell

HP Supercell

Whale's mouth

See ya 2008!


Dustin Wilcox said...

Can't believe I didn't see you punks running around... Had to of crossed paths and just not seen ya..

Damon Scott Hynes said...

Yeah, I kept running into both of you--but always about a mile apart!

Dann Cianca said...

Must have drove right by you Dick. haha I should have used a tripod. My shots came out horrible.

Chris Rice said...

Great pics Dick! I didn't see you guys otherwise would've said hi, after seeing your pics you couldn't have been far. Good year it was...

Brandon Brown said...

Hey man, I'm a fan of your storm photos and it sure must be nice to see storms in November! Thanks for sharing.

Aerostorm911 said...

Sweet pix as always, was nice running into you guys. See yall in '09

jessica peterson said...

this series is INCREDIBLE!!! the skies are beautiful and terrifying bundled in one feroche photograph! well done!!

Lanny said...

Nice as always, tried to call but you were busy?

If ya get a chance check out my blog....hope all well,

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