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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Interesting Hits Today!

I've noticed quite a few hits today on my blog, with an amusing referring URL from a private group.

Just remember, Chuck, I only have a problem with a tiny fraction of your fellow members, (for the "Darwinism" remarks) including yourself. It's never too late to "approach" things differently and to help educate those (especially with your priceless knowledge) who are interested in the hobby, especially youth. Redirecting your anger or frustrations you have with certain chasers, into positive actions and contributions yourself, especially, could benefit more than just storm chasers.

But who am I to say, right? I'm just a post-Twister era chaser, who lacks the PhD in atmospheric science and have no credibility, nor should my opinion ever be taken seriously, for that matter. I am far from perfection, not even close, but at the end of the day, when I sit back and think about what I have contributed to those around me for that specific day, I have no trouble sleeping knowing that I gave it my absolute best. Can you?

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