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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bank Robberies, Serial Killers, Drug Busts, Asian Massage Parlor Busts.....oh and Storms

Well, what a month for Olathe, KS. So a girl goes missing in Olathe, and some guy I'd like to kick the crap out of, murders her and gets national exposure. Turns out this guy is linked to another missing girl.

So I show up to work on Friday, and look out my window, and evidently a bank robbery has unfolded 100 feet from me. I have come to believe that I watched these guys case the thing from our alley the day before. How do I know this? Wyandotte county tags don't fly in Johnson county, and these guys were looking around like they were doing something other than being in an alley near the bank. This is the second time I've been near a bank robbery, for the bank that I go to.

I watch the news later that day, and guess what? Yep, largest drug bust in Johnson County, KS. 500 pounds confiscated from a semi, near the weigh station. Oh, and guess what else happened last month? An Asian massage parlor is busted for giving oral sex 3 doors down. I heard rumors at work about it, but always dismissed it. Maybe I need to find a different place of employment.

Anyways, Here are some pics of recent storms I've photographed. Nothing Spectacular, but it beats clear skies.

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mike scantlin said...

hahah turn around dont drown. priceless.

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