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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


I've been telling Darin about this vineyard outside of Lawrence that I've been wanting to take pics of for a long time. We finally did it tonight. We pulled up and Tony Kugler was trimming his old vines up and getting ready for Spring. I asked him if it would be alright if I could snap a few photos, and he very kindly complied. Darin and I were messing around taking photos for about 15 mins, when I started asking him the process of making wine. That's when he invited us in to sample some wine he had made from 2003, and 2004. WOW. He gave us a brief tour and a rough explanation of how he crushes the grapes and the fermentation that goes with it.

Darin and I agreed this was some of the best wine we had ever tasted. 4 different kinds, some with sugar and some without. 3 whites and 1 merlot. Tony and Kay were from Czechoslovakia and had strong accents which added to the good vibes. "Kugler's Vineyard" (785-843-8516) 9-10 dollars a bottle! What a deal! This stuff isn't massively produced folks, it's perfected, hand made if you will.

Anyways here are some pics,

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Anonymous said...

just discovered this about our vineyard ! how nice of you...only one BIG correction: no Merlot on our property..."only" the "Best wine of all nations" : CYNTHIANA !
czech this one out:

kay kugler

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