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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Living on the Road my Friend......

IS gonna keep you free and clean.........

I'm not gonna wear my skin like iron, and my breath will hopefully consist of smoke and caffeine. I keep waiting for May 20th to come, so Darin and friends will be coming down for the chase season. Sends a sense of euphoria to one's mind. Excitement surrounds me. Busting was something 2005 was for, for me, minus just 4 successful tornado days out of 25 some chases all the way from Hamlin Texas to Seylon Minnesota (missing those by minutes). Darin and I have concurred that certain chases, we, never prepared like successful chasers do. Preparation is only a part, I know. Mike Johnston and I scored 3 out of those 4 times. He's a great forecaster, nowcaster, and chaser. Eric B Hymer and I, put ourselves in the right spots, just nothing happened. (So close on June 30th) Eric's nowcasting skills are far and beyond. Marcus and I busted on a red box that was busted from the beginning, but we saw debris float along and hit his car due to extreme wind gusts. Once again, another excellent nowcaster. Stewart Manning and Mike Deason also, excellent, excellent nowcasters.

The memories of 2005 will forever remain.

Now it's off to shoot a photo for a project tonight and dream of that day that is sure to come sooner or later.

Happy Valentine's Day Devin.

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