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Friday, November 20, 2009


It's been awhile since I've posted; I've been pretty busy as usual lately and haven't had time to post much. I'll probably be shutting this blog down within the next few months and will be creating a better-designed one on a new site/blog, so when that is all completed and finalized, I'll post the link on here. I'm hoping to own the Canon 5D Mark II by January/February and ditch my other cameras and lenses (minus the 100-400L) for the Canon 17-40L, the 24-105L (or 24-70L) to compliment the new camera...and am very excited about it.

Here are a few new photos I've recently processed and another reason I can't wait to ditch this POS Sigma 17-70 lens, which fails me nearly every time;




I'll still be updating this blog till the new one is up...


Mack Fai said...

I'm trying to decide between the 24-105L and the 24-70L for my 7D.
Anyway, great shots as always!

Brandon Brown said...

The classic Canon lens debate, which I found myself in about a month ago! I went with the 24-105L, for the extra focal length, the IS, it was cheaper and that it was lighter than the 24-70L (aka The Brick) I'm still shooting with a crop (Rebel T1i) so the 24-105L isn't that wide, but my 10-22 does that job for me. I needed a good quality walk-around lens and think the 24-105L was the choice for me. If you get the 5d MII, you'll get to the 24mm focal length which is somewhat wide, but it basically comes down to wanting a faster lens with no IS, or a longer focal length with IS. Either way, they are both sick lenses!

Dustin Wilcox said...

I remember when you were HUGE on the Sigma 17-70, even talked me into buying one...

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