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Friday, August 17, 2007

Lots of Stuff

Been kind of busy with work and now school as well as other "projects." This will be my hardest semester to date, and the next 2 will be just as difficult, possibly more.

I went solo chasing yesterday, which didn't result in much. On a storm near Valley Falls, the updraft base was on the north side, precip was being vented southeastward while the storm was moving NE. It looked like it had a high-based meso to it briefly, but my presence vaporized that storm as well as any other ones I approached. I hadn't looked at any models, just "happened" to read SPC's MD when I got home and decided "What the hey."

Nice tornado-warned storm in Missouri about the time I left, and I debated to go east or west along the boundary, and it was evident that convergence was better west, but shear weaker, and weak convergence with sw sfc winds further east, but stronger upper/mid-level shear. The towers I watched to the east wouldn't last long, so when I saw storms reorganizing on top of Topeka, off I went. I shot another photograph of one of those little updrafts that looked like a supercell, just like last month, so maybe I'll post it soon.

Recent pictures, including the meteor shower from Sunday night.

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KI4WLR said...

Thanks for such great meteor / star shots. I have taken a few lightening and start shots but nothing like the meteor shot at the end. Thanks.


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