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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Chaser Party Yesterday

"Rainfoot/Hailshaft Beatrice NE, July 13th 06

Shawna Helt held a chaser party yesterday, where I was fortunate enough to meet new chasers and see some of the ones I haven't seen in awhile. Met Brian Stertz, Doug Nelson, Kevin Polston, Aaron Blauser for the first time. Shawna, Jon Davies, Rick Schmidt, Fred Plowman, and Darin Brunin were also there, and it was good to see them again. (and Shawna's friend can't remember her name :( ) Shawna treated us to some infamous KC Smokehouse BBQ as well as TONS of other food! We chatted for awhile, and it was great hearing stories, old and new, and hearing and seeing the different vantage points on storms I was on. Brian Stertz showed us his insane 5/3/99 OKC area outbreak footage, along with Rick Schmidts footage from this year, and his crazy footage from his early years. Fred's crazy Beatrice footage from 4/15 of this year's was also a site to see. I really had a good time, and am going to have to swap or purchase some of that footage. I'll try and post a pic up sometime this week of it.

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