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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

GPS, New Camera

I went with the Magellan 300 and like it so far. Also purchased a 3ccd Panasonic camcorder as I stated in previous blog. I am going to have to check the rebel today because pictures had possibly scratches on them from yesterday. Not good. Some did turn out however. Here's one I took of the crescent moon, took me a few times to get it to look like the full moon and I didn't do a good job of angling it. I believe shot a 13 and 400 ISO.

Congratulations, BTW to Scott Currens on grabbing a TORNADO in NC KS. He's had a great off season, and I'm glad he now lives in KS. (Although I personally don't know him, it's good to have more chasers in KS.)

Monday, January 30, 2006

Saturday's half-chase

Good name
Looking Northeast at county line approx 606 pm, wondering what just happened (POOOOOOOOOOOOOOF)
this is the one we want but the southern one seeds...
Approaching Emporia, 3 seperate cells forming updrafts rise and fall then......
My good friend Derek Shaffer (Whom I hadn't chased with since 04') wanted to chase (But lives in Springfield MO). (We were going to head to our target area from Emporia to Abilene argghhh) So we arrived late to the ongoing convection. Northern storm looked stronger but southern one would produce the weak rotation, associated with a choppy wall. Storm immediately fell apart at sunset, but storms further north kept the drive alive with occasional lightning. For once I have video and didn't take stills with the XT , (Bought my new Panasonic 3ccd PV150). Time: approx 5:37 Pm.

Location ~10 miles east of emporia on I 35. Looking west. These pictures were taken at 90 mph. lol. Storms with visual weak rotation were on highway 50 west of Emporia, right at the chase county line. :)

Apologize for the OOF pics.........when i get a card for the 3 ccd i will post more of the wall cloud....

All in all a good day....just didn't "feel" it. (As Darin would say) Nov 27th, I knew it was gonna be a good day.

Thanks Mike Parker and Eric B' Hymer for the nowcasting, and good seeing you again Eric and congrats on being a future father! (We stopped in Iola to get an update)

Unintentionally took some more photos yesterday, of the moon, , Civil war monuments, and a beautiful sunset near Ft. Scott. More tom.

Radar: southern storm at end of loop

Dear (The month of) May,

Please hurry. Send goodies!


Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Photo Safari

Darin and I went on a brief photo safari. A place I had forgotten about, near Eudora. Very eerie feeling you get when you approach it. Here are some photos.

Jennifer wants to hang out this weekend so we'll see how that goes. Yay!


It's almost February!!!!!! February is short, and then we hit March, and it's on the home stretch from there!!!! Let's goooooooooooooooooo chaaaaaaaaasssiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!

Picture above is from July 24th 2005, with my old sony cybershot. No tweaking again. lol.

Friday, January 20, 2006


Haven't updated in awhile.

Just started school yesterday, and am very pleased with my digital photography class. Mr. Lambert seems like a great instructor with over 35 years of experience, eventhough he's a Nikon guy. :D

We also have access to their high quality printers: Epsilon Stylus 7600 (is the only one I caught), and once we learn how to use them, can print out photos we have taken. I might just take this class again, for that simple fact. We will also be critiquing others, and I hope I get nailed with critiques, it will only help me understand more, and the same for the other students.

I also purchased Adobe CS2 Premium and am enrolled online with Mrs. Scofield for Photo manipulation. She seems very nice and enthusiastic about her students. So if you are wondering why I am taking these classes, it's to brush up my skills and learn as much as I can about photography and to make the most of my camera. One year ago, I had never picked up a camera, and knew nothing. (And still know little, might I add) So I'm very excited.

Next thing I need to do is find a new job, so I can save for this year's chasing expedition. I can't wait, since this is a newly-found passion in the past few years. It keeps me out of trouble, it takes you through town after town in the Plains, each displaying their own uniqueness, even if it's being the smallest of things. Just being on the road is what I love. Guess you could call me a Highwayman. ;)

Also received a PM from the new WCM in TWX wishing to use of my photos for spotter training classes. Of course I agreed, and am compiling some as we speak. Darin is in California right now watching his brother graduate from boot camp, and I explained to her that he would be willing to. I am always the first in line to helping people out, in any situation.

Here's a picture (above)of some convection on November 27th as it decides to not produce any more photogenic tornadoes, but I like the picture anyways.

Friends from Oklahoma are in town. Haven't seen em for awhile. One's a UT fan, the other an OU fan. Together we will beat up the OU fan. Yeah that's right Greg, we're gonna kick the sheeeeeeeat out of you. Time to go drink a few with some good friends who could give a crap about weather. lol.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Getting it Done

Wow. Sometimes the good guys win, eh? That could have been the best game I have ever seen in a National Championship, and Texas could have lost; my thoughts would remain the same. 4th and 5, Vince takes it in. Speechless right now. However, I'm steamed, a little, at Leinart's comment about being the "better team." But as we used to say in HS, "Scoreboard, (insert here)." Nothing like losing the National Championship, one short of a dynasty, an end of a 34 game winning streak, and then you enter the NFL showing your true colors. Have fun with the media.

I'm still learning this blog thing, codes and feeds and what not; I need to learn. lol

Image hosted by

Vince Young, mucho class, and a very poised player, who is sure to catch the eye and praise over his new coaches. Good luck in the NFL, and thanks for the championship.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Tonight's the big game, and I've been listening to The Texas Pre-Game Show for the last couple of hours as well as watching Bobby Prentice's highlights of his long, successful career. I'm going to have to get a copy or two, amazing stuff he's captured. Watching video a few months before you can chase can drive you insane. T minus 1 hour and 40 minutes, and I'm getting nervous.

I'll still claim my 38-24 UT victory. This announcer earlier said USC 34-UT 31, I'm hoping he's a jinxing type of guy, because no UT fan thinks they are really going to lose, right?!!?!


TCU's kicker shot

At first I thought it was a joke on UT's message board, but the moderator posted it and Mike Parker and my Oklahoma residing-UT fan ;) both said, it's confirmed. I can't find anything on TCU's website about it, however. One would think Penn State's kicker or FSU's kicker would be a little nervous. With the mining rescue disaster yesterday, I'm not going to believe it till I SEE it.

Monday, January 02, 2006

St. Louis

Just got back from a New Year's celebration in St. Louis. Everything I expected from a GW party and then some. Nursing a bad hangover today; I still found time to shoot a few arch pictures. Overcast skies didn't help and somehow the night before I shot around 2-300 JPEG shots, and was left with only 2 today. :D I'll post some of the arch tomorrow.

It was my second trip there, but the first time I was just there for a night, the time before, witnessing one of many great "Ween" shows (At the Pageant). Excellent band: or We turned the AIDS/HIV song into SARS (When that outbreak occurred) between us friends, and Gene smiled when we did.
These guys are brilliant, mocking every rock band and humor embedded within, (and making it sound like) from 12 Golden Country hits album (My fav: Piss up a rope) to the most recent "quebec" and more popular. ("Transdermal Celebration", "Captain", "Happy Colored Marbles", "Tried and True")

Listening to the song, and sparking curiousity about the video, I've now watched "Imagine" by "A Perfect Circle" 10 times. LOL. Great video, I would have posted on here, but wouldn't want to remind people of the world we live in. Here's the link, most republicans would like to see go away and would make John Lennon proud.

Moderate Risk for storms today for the southeast, will be interesting to see how things unfold. 2006's first tornado went in the books on January 1st, and to Mississippi. Is this a good omen for 2006? We'll see.


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