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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Friday's Chase and Today

From the other day:

Well, it was more than I was expecting given the environment the storms fired in. We managed to catch a pair of storms in SE KS. I also noticed that my Rebel XT is not focusing in RAW (auto) but it works fine in JPEG. I can only assume this is a lens problem, after searching forums. I missed some weak tornadoes in KC area today, one day that I ignore the weather. Oh well, I had a wonderful weekend with my girlfriend, and being a storm addict, I was pretty agitated I couldn't go after this particular storm. My friend, Jordan Wrecke, who happens to be Darin Brunin's roommate, was on it, and I guided him to this freak storm, where he witnessed a brief tornado south of Buckner. Evan Bookbinder pm'd me on Stormtrack and I gave him what information I could. Oh well.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

8/25 Chase Day

Darin and I intercepted a nice supercell in Southeast KS. I am pooped right now, but I'll be posting pictures soon. Very nice striated updraft near Buffalo KS before it collapsed soon after.

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