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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Daniel Unruh

Darin stumbled on this picture today. This is the guy we picked up south of Greensburg, whom we are having trouble getting ahold of. For having his house destroyed and the uncertainty of his family's whereabouts, he was well composed and helped us navigate around the debris and found a safe way to his family's house.

Photo Credit to Kari Kyle of the Wichita Eagle.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Weddings, Tornado Documentaries, Palm Trees and a Classic North Texas Sunset.

On July 4th, Darin, Derek and I will be heading back to Greensburg, KS to have an independent film crew interview us about our experience on May 4th. The producer, who's very first film will air on PBS in the next week, has made a name for himself early on, and has been shooting the rebuilding process for the town of Greensburg since the tragedy. It will be good to get back there and see how much they have come along. On another note, I called Jose, one of the gentleman who we helped that night in Greensburg, to see how he was, and he was pretty excited to talk to me and couldn't wait to see the video (which he requested that night). For some reason, he was there that night, visiting from California. I have been trying to get ahold of Daniel Unruh of Greensburg, who we picked up that night south of there when his farm was destroyed, but I can't get ahold of the number he gave me.

So I think I'm going to buy a cheap boat that I can fish on for the summer, and not be tempted to blow every penny I have on chasing up north. My girlfriend has been wanting one for awhile and I think it's time to buy a junker. So I told my sister I would shoot pics of her wedding, even though I'm really not that good and have never shot my camera in front of people before. I think most of them turned out alright, considering it was 100/72 on SPI at 5 pm! Heat can affect the way you shoot and sweat will get into your eyes making it tougher to see things when adjusting the focus manually.

Here are a few shots of the wedding (I have like 150 more to process...damn women!), some palm trees outside my grandpa's house and a sunset near Fort Worth on our way home.

I'll probably post more sometime next week. I'm kind of burned out on the processing already, and don't want to take any more pics, unless it's of tornadoes.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Back from the Wedding

Just got back from Texas, and did a little "chasing" on the way down there with my girlfriend. She actually thought it was fun and very peaceful. We had a great time visiting the Hill Country of Texas as well as the Rio Grande Valley where my sister got married! It was a very nice wedding, although I had to take pics and shoot video the entire time. It was good seeing a lot of family members again, and my parent's friends who I hadn't seen since I was 8 or so. Here are some pics from the trip, I have about 300 more to process lol. I'll add more tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I was extremely bored the other night, and remembered where I saw hundreds of fireflies the night before, so I tried to shoot them. I did a test shot in 800 ISO but forgot to put it back down to 100, I GUESS. So it's a little grainy.
I'm done chasing for awhile, as it seems like the Central Plains season is over. After my summer class, I'm officially a college graduate. Yay.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bank Robberies, Serial Killers, Drug Busts, Asian Massage Parlor Busts.....oh and Storms

Well, what a month for Olathe, KS. So a girl goes missing in Olathe, and some guy I'd like to kick the crap out of, murders her and gets national exposure. Turns out this guy is linked to another missing girl.

So I show up to work on Friday, and look out my window, and evidently a bank robbery has unfolded 100 feet from me. I have come to believe that I watched these guys case the thing from our alley the day before. How do I know this? Wyandotte county tags don't fly in Johnson county, and these guys were looking around like they were doing something other than being in an alley near the bank. This is the second time I've been near a bank robbery, for the bank that I go to.

I watch the news later that day, and guess what? Yep, largest drug bust in Johnson County, KS. 500 pounds confiscated from a semi, near the weigh station. Oh, and guess what else happened last month? An Asian massage parlor is busted for giving oral sex 3 doors down. I heard rumors at work about it, but always dismissed it. Maybe I need to find a different place of employment.

Anyways, Here are some pics of recent storms I've photographed. Nothing Spectacular, but it beats clear skies.

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